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Hello, most of my friends call me Mel, so I hope you will too.

I am a licensed massage therapist, a nanny to some amazing kids, and an amateur photographer currently living in Stockholm, but originally from Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.


Surrounded by Lake Superior and thousands of acres of wilderness, I love spending time outside and encouraging others to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the area, so over the years I've volunteered in my community providing first aide at races and to help build and maintain sustainable trail systems so that they can grow and are there to enjoy for years to come.


My passion is simple: traveling, photography and spending time with family and friends outdoors. I have thirteen nieces & nephews and two nanny children so I strive to be a good example by showing them the importance of living their lives with passion and intent; to be true to themselves so they can be the change they want to see in the world.

I've just recently started to call myself a photographer after taking my first payed job this Summer so I am hoping to share some inspiration for traveling and protecting our planet and wild places in the future.   

small glimpses into my life

horses photography


A hiker of mountains,

haver of good times 

and loving



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