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Melanie Sommerfeldt 

Fjällräven Polar 2019 Team Member 

"Ordinary people from all over the world on the adventure of a lifetime"

Fjällräven Polar - April 8th-14th 2019


Hello, my name is Mel.  My roots are in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but I am currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I love spending time outside and encouraging others to get out and enjoy the natural beauty around us, so over the years I've volunteered in my community providing first aide at races and helped to build and maintain sustainable trail systems so that they are there to enjoy for years to come. 

If I am not out horseback riding or riding my bike, I can be found taking pictures of my surroundings in the hope that they will visually inspire people to get out and create adventures of their own. 

Now, It's my turn to chase an adventure and experience the Arctic under the expert guidance of Fjällräven and a team of professional mushers.

As a member of the 2019 team having been picked by the Fjällräven Jury,  I can share my stories and pictures from the Polar and inspire and bring out the motivation in you to get out and explore our natural world. 

 The Fjällräven Polar

The Fjällräven Polar is a grueling four-day 300km long challenge deep inside the Arctic Circle. More than 20 ordinary people, from all around the world, apply to be part of this adventure of a lifetime.

The participants travel by dog sled from Signaldalen, Norway to Väkkäräjärvi , Sweden, learning the necessary skills from Fjällräven’s team of experts and geared up with Fjällräven’s best winter clothing and equipment. Each team member drives their own dogsled, takes care of their own dogs, prepare all their own food and sets up their own camps.

The goal is to show that anyone in good physical shape, with the right mindset, gear and preparation can not just survive, but thrive in the Arctic environment. Despite the extreme conditions, the event is for ordinary people, not survival experts or polar explorers, looking for the adventure of a lifetime. It aims to give people the chance to discover the harsh beauty of the Arctic, to test themselves in a challenging environment, and show how the right equipment and knowledge can open up new experiences.

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